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How much paint do I need for a project?

Click Here to learn how much paint you need for your project.

How to paint chameleon color?

Click Here to learn about how to paint chameleon color.

Can I buy ready to spray paint in pint, quart or gallon?

No. We offer Ready to Spray paint in 2oz and 4oz bottles only.


How to mix and spray metal flakes?

Click Here to learn about how to mix and spray Metal Flakes.

How does Tropical Glitz dry flake gun works?

Click Here to learn about how to use Tropical Glitz dry flake gun.

Can I use the custom metal flake can over a surface painted long ago?

Yes, as long it's properly sanded

Can I mix metal flakes in the paint?

Yes, you can mix metal flakes in the paint, however, it is not really recommended. If you want the flakes to sparkle, we recommend mixing the metal flakes in our intercoat and sraying it over the paint. You can get away with mixing metal flakes in semi-transparent paint, but not in our solid paint.

Do I need to sand before spraying with the custom metal flake can?

It depends. If you're applying it over fresh paint, no. If you are applying it over old paint, yes.

Which product do I use to mix and spray metal flake?

Metal flakes are mixed in equal parts intercoat clear and reducer.


How to properly Mix Tropical Glitz custom pearls?

Click Here to learn about how to mix Tropical Glitz custom pearls.

What size jars do pearls come in?

All of our pearls come in 2 oz jars and our Interstellar Pearls are also available in spray cans.

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