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Metal Flakes

Enhance your projects with our stunning metal flakes. These fine particles create a captivating metallic effect, available in vibrant colors for a standout sparkle.


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Discover the convenience of our premium paints in spray cans. Whether you're a professional or DIY enthusiast. Elevate your projects effortlessly with our high-quality spray paints.



Discover the effect of our vibrant Pearls, designed to enhance any project with stunning color and shine.


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Explore our wide range of paint options, from basecoat, candy, candy basecoats, neons, pearl basecoats, chameleon, and more

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Seductive Cherry
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Miami Beach
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Violet Candy
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Bubblicious Neon Paint
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Cosmic Gold
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ByTropical GlitzTropical GlitzTropical GlitzTropical GlitzTropical Glitz
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DescriptionTropical Glitz Candy Basecoats are manufactured using top-quality ingredients with... Tropical Glitz Pearl Basecoats are carefully crafted using the finest... Tropical Glitz candy colors are manufactured using premium ingredients to... Tropical Glitz Neon paints are manufactured using the finest ingredients.... Tropical Glitz Candy Basecoats are manufactured using top-quality ingredients with...

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Metal Flakes

Enhance your projects with our stunning metal flakes. These fine particles create a captivating metallic effect, available in vibrant colors for a standout sparkle.

Galactus Metal Flake
Based on 4917 reviews
Miami Beach
Kyle Legarda

Miami Beach is insane. Picture's do not do this color justice.

Cosmic Teal
Garnet Gustus
Amazing Color and coverage

I am blown away with my sample can of Cosmic teal, i did a test panel on my lawn tractor to see how it will look on my 1952 GMC 9430 1 ton and with the additional flakes that I ordered ( Royal teal and Peacock blue) it is absolutely stunning, coverage was also really good and the dry time in the both was great. cant wait till i have the truck ready for paint

Interstellar Pearls
Ron Vallejo

My painter has the pearls when we finalized our colors and spray it we will have a better idea but he swears by your products so never disappointed

Strawberry Daiquiri
James Olson
Beautiful color

It doesn't have a heavy flake but it does sparkle nicely.

Luscious Blackberry
scott adkins
Great products

Great company, love the whole catalog of products

The chameleon colors are awesome.

I love the chameleon effect.

Man, this color POPS! I used it on some resin turtles I made.

Love this color!

Arrived in great condition. Love me some Glitz!

Love it

Gold Rush Metal Flake
Rogelio Rayas

Awesome flakes

Best clear

This is by far the best clear I have ever used.

Luscious Green
Charles Sibert
Luscious green in aerosol can and 2K clear coat

I did a spray out on a 70 Monte Carlo tail light extension and all I have to say is WOW. The Luscious Green looks incredible and is exactly what I was looking for. The clear was easy to apply and flowed out well. Love this color!

Seductive Blue
joseph walton

D guy if thus

Super great product

I don't have a proper setup for painting but the spray cans from Tropical Glitz have great adhesion when it comes to small scale stuff

Maple Syrup Candy
Rick Maddox

Great product

Monarch Candy
Rick Maddox

Easy mix and great color with a inexpensive price


awesome color

Intercoat Clear
Wes Cantrell
Great Product

Suspended the flakes very well, even when using large flake. Product was well packaged and came undamaged. My only complaint was that I should have bought more!

Luscious Orange
eric sirois

Great color, and very fast delivery

Florida Keys

So pretty! I won a jar of Florida Keys in a giveaway and I’m really happy with it. The company told me it isn’t UV resistant and that it’s more akin to craft glitter. I don’t mind at all. I’ve actually purchased a few other metal flakes from Tropical Glitz that I’ve used on my car and it’s been holding up beautifully. I plan to use this for a toy model car. Overall the product is great, and so are the other metal flakes in the line! Very sparkly and reflective. I highly recommend.

Luscious Toffee
Tony Espindola
Spray paint

Very satisfied with the outcome of the paint and clear coat

Luscious Green
Mike Mccreven
Luscious green

Amazing color so dark at times it looks black and yet it heights with a beautiful green flake I did some gold and black graphics on it and it came out just perfect as it always does it's the only paint I use anymore beautiful colors and quality paint nothing compared to it on the market that I know of and best of all you can afford it