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friends, customers and the entire automotive community.

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friends, customers and the entire automotive community.


Tropical Glitz

Tropical Glitz Is A Family-Owned Business Located In Hialeah, Florida. It Was Founded In 2015 By Manny Martinez Sr.

Manny Sr First Built This Company To Help Pay For His Son's Medical Needs. The Martinez Family Being Blessed To Have 2 Twin Boys Danny And Manny Jr. Manny Jr Was Born Paralyzed And All Profits Used To Pay For Manny Jr's Therapies At The Beginning Of The Company's History. The Unexpected Success And Growth Of The Business, Tropical Glitz Gained Other Purposes - One, To Support Artists Around The World By Providing Them With Superior Quality Products That Help Showcase Their Individual Crafts And Now A Percentage Of Profits Goes To Cover 100% Manny Jr Medicals Needs. Tropical Glitz Continues To Reinvest The Rest Of Its Profits Into The Business To Provide Superior Quality Products For Painters And Artist All Over The World.

Bringing The Thinnest And Brightest Flakes To The Kustom World, Where Quality Is #1. Growing Up, I Was Always Attracted To Cars And Had A Passion For Colors. In My Teenage Years, I Started Painting Kustom Cars And Lowriders. I Quickly Noticed The Amount Of Clearance Needed To Bury Metal Flakes. The Flakes I Sell Are The Thinnest In The Market And They Will Save You Time And Money When It Comes To The Amount Of Clarity You Will Need. The Flakes Are Made Of Polyester To Give You An Amazing Glimmer And Shine. With A Dream And A Need To Change The Industry, I Started Tropical Glitz. As A Painter, Everything I Sell Has Been Tested, Painted, And Carefully Scrutinized By Me.

Only The Best,

Manny Martinez Sr